Monday, July 12, 2010

An update, a post, what next!?!?!?! :)

Though you may not have realized it, the heartbeat of Horton Hollow is still strong. That is to say, I'm still kicking. My posts have been sporadic I realize but my heart remains, to write for those that will read my virtualized scrawlings. I'm still getting my feet under me, not being one that adapts quickly to large, sweeping changes in the schedule.

I am ramping up to start back on this blog as well as starting on a business blog of my own. Additionally, I'm beginning a joint-venture business blog wherein some partners and I will be sharing some things about business-building, investing, technology, etc.

It's an exciting time for me! But busy too. Horton Hollow is where my heart is, where I can be "me" and let my (remaining) hair down and write about whatever we like. Before I sign off, let me share some updates:

  • Weight loss: still a struggle but I've plenty of fight in me and I'm far too stubborn to quit.
  • Business: well see above you silly-head! :) I've lots to share there and things are going well.
  • Our out-building: honestly I tried to break this deal and not get it after all. Turns out though, even though I "could" get out of it, I think it's prudent to go through with it. So things are moving there. We have some plans
  • Isabella and Josh: well I'm sure you'd not recognize either of them. Josh has quickly become a young man, no longer a child to be sure. And our little Isabella is crawling and trying her darndest to say something we can all understand. She turned 10 months yesterday. The times, they do be a flyin!
You guys are all awesome! Thanks for reading! Keep up the CPR with comments, it helps the writing heartbeat stronger!


Shaddy said...

I'm so glad times are exciting and going well for you. I applaud your courage to follow your heart even though it was scary.

I love your words, "...let my (remaining) hair down..." I had to pause and chuckle over that. So funny you are!

I look forward to hearing more from you when time allows it.

Rob said...

Thanks Shaddy! I want you to know I ALWAYS read your blog though time often gets away from me at work and I find myself running out of time to comment. But I love your blog, how you share your adventures with us both in written word and pictures too. Thanks!