Sunday, August 8, 2010

Total awesomeness for my tootsies!

I recently discovered through other health blogs, the awesomeness that is "barefooting".  Runners call it barefoot running, non-runners like me, call it barefooting .. er .. well that's what "I" just called but darn it I matter!  :)

In my quest to improve my health I figured I'd start with my foundations.  Your leg muscles are the biggest in your body.  Working them, developing those muscles is your best bet to burn fat while you sleep.  In my quest to redevelop my legs, I thought, what about my ankes, my feet, even my toes?

Why not right?  A foundation is a foundation after all.  Dig those foundations deep I say and the house will stand (no pun intended) much longer!

Enter the shoes called Vibram Five Fingers.

I will pause whilst your unaccustomed brainy-brain adjusts to the upcoming images of awesomeness.

Pause ...

Paws ...

Healthier paws ...


See these suckers improve your paw strength.  They are ultra-comfortable!  Yes they look a bit odd but you'll never have a more comfy set of shoes in your life, I'd wager.  I strongly suggest you get thyself to your local REI, Alpine Shop or other authorized retailer and at least try these on.

You won't regret it.

How do they feel?  It feels EXACTLY like being barefoot only you don't have to worry about hurting your tootsies.  It's as if the bottom of your foot, and each toe, were coated in a protective barrier that sits between your tender skin and the ground.  That barrier moves, flexes, and works with your natural foot positions.  It's completely amazing.

I'm no runner but I've started sprinting again in the yard with the dog.  Short bursts of intense exercise you know.  Much good for you it is.

Running is different with these.  Regular shoes train our bodies to move and step differently than we would barefoot.  We "heel toe it" when we run.  Ever seen a barefoot kid run though?  A kid who hasn't yet become concerned about how cool they look when they run?  They don't heel toe it.  Its not natural for ye old bod.  Try trotting or short sprints on your lawn barefoot.  You'll find you won't heel toe it either ... you'll naturally run on the balls of your foot.

That's what happens too with Vibrams.  Just like barefoot only protected.

I've noticed an improvement in my ankle strength, my balance and stabilty, just when walking.

They even make socks for em if you're so inclined.  I've taken to wearing my Vibrams to work everyday.  Folks tease me to be sure.  But I love my new shoes.

And I'm putting out the word that getting back to basics, back to natural movement and posture leads to better health.  Start with a good foundation.  Start with the old dogs and treat them better.  The rest of you will thank you for it.


Heather said...

They look awesome and I can tell the difference they've made for ya. Keep up the good work, m'love!

Cat said...

Our Chiropractor told my daughter and I about these this past spring, said we should look into getting her some. (she runs track)They are really not any more costly than say, NB shoes. we just haven't made it to a store yet to try some on. Keep us posted on how they are.

Rob said...

Hey Cat! These are still off the charts neat for me. I love them and I wear them everywhere. Both REI and Alpine Shop have them so you can try them on. That's what I did for sizing (just to make sure) then I ordered mine straight from their site so I'd have more selection on styles/colors.