Monday, May 9, 2011

From Mother's Day weekend ...

Thought I'd share a few pics from this Mother's Day weekend.  I was able to fix a neat little meal on the Big Green Egg for the moms in our household.  Below are some photos of the yummy goodness.  Enjoy!  And try not to drool on my blog would ya?

What ARE these you might ask?  Why these are turtles.  Or turtle burgers, layered with cheese, and um, wrapped in a weave of bacon, and stuffed with hot dogs.  It's GOOD for you, trust me!  :)

The basic way to make these is weave the bacon, put down a hand-made burger patty down on it, cover the patty with cheese, then put ANOTHER patty on top of that. Add hot dogs between them to make the legs and head for the "turtle", then wrap the bacon "shell" around it all.  Toothpick things into place and you're good to go.  Season to taste.

So there are the "turtles" after prepping and on the broiler pan.  All ready to hit the Egg.

 And there is the mighty Egg, doing it's culinary magic.  This thing takes normal food and makes it taste like you're eating a baby angel :)  The gauge there is simmering right at 400 degrees F.

HOT off the Egg .. turtles!   And I mean these suckers were LAVA-hot!

Turtles are done and resting on the counter.  Ready to be put a burger-bun and scarfed!  These were still super-duper hot (which is really hot, btw) even after sitting for a bit before finally making to the table. 

And there is a last close-up to tantalize you before lunch time :)  These were a huge hit at our house.  The moms were definitely happy with the way these turned out.

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