Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Ol Homestead

Well it's finally snowed here in dear old Missouri. I heard on the news the other day that Earth is starting to enter a cooling phase much like it's been in a warming cycle for some time now. Anyhoo, cooling is fine by me. I miss WINTER baby! I like me some snow, I like me some ice, I like it, like it, like it! :) Give me some snow from the first of December till the end of February, haha! Ok I'm sure it didn't snow THAT much here when I was growing up but looking back on things and remembering them through a child's eyes it sure seems like we had a lot of snows.

And anyway, to celebrate the snow and to finally post some pics on my blog (shush you and you know who you are), here are some pics, inside and out. We are currently cleaning up the house for a birthday party this weekend so there will be more pics of the inside "pre party" and NONE immediately post party :) lol

This is from last weekend with good stuff on the ground. It was ubr snowball-snow. Almost wet enough for the dreaded slush-ball! But not quite. Josh had a lot of fun with the "chuck-it" which is basically a very large plastic ice-cream scoop thing which is normally used to chuck tennis balls for doggies but turned out to be a really nice "snowball launcher plantinum edition 5000" :)

This is a shot looking down our front fence in the front yard. You're standing about halfway down the front yard at this point. Now down at the other end of that fence and past it aways, there is 16 acres or so for sale right next door to us ... cough, cough, elbow elbow.

This is a shot from our little deck I worked on last year. Like my handrail design. Ah and there is the mammal-flesh char-er ... just about time to crank that thing up again. Yes I grill all year long, snow or not. There is not a bad season in which to enjoy a nice steak :)

And here is a shot of my lovely son, fruit of my loins and I'm pretty sure he's taking a shot at the peas with this snowball throw. Follow the eyes, take in the grin ... yep, that's right.

And here is a pretty good shot of the kiddo and the puppy. This one I may print and put on my desk at work. I like it a lot.

Here is another picture of our little darling in the kitchen. Yes folks those counters are as tall as yours are most likely and this delicate little flower is still growing. :) And yes darn it, I bought her a pink cammo bandana at Petsmart the other night (shush again).

And lastly, here is our furriest kid (although Josh is getting leg hair) asleep on the couch. Isn't she lovely folks? This is how big GSDs get folks. I bet those crossed with Boxers get this big too - won't that be a hoot! :)


Jennifer said...

Okay I WANNA LIVE NEXT DOOR!!!!!!! I am so jealous, you have SNOW!!!! I think im going to stamp my foot and pout!

Um I love the deck, and tell Heather I love the denim couch, I have always wanted one, and now we need one... three kids, puppies.

Oh and don't even think I didn't notice that bandana around that puppies neck!!!

So, I will have to return the favor, we are decorating for christmas, so I will have to post pics!

Rob said...

Denim furniture is nice, but then again I'm pretty huge on the color blue too. Snow is all gone for right now but there is more on the way, along with some ice, later this week. Can't wait! :)

And decks are lovely except for the building them when its a bazillion degrees outside, but I'm glad we dood it. :)