Thursday, February 26, 2009


What is it a about the sound of silence? Ever thought about how differently it affects you? There are after all, many types of it.

There is the quiet solitude of a reflective moment. The roaring quiet during times of tension between two people. The strained focus of concentrating alone on a problem. The peaceful quiet of a home as the chords of the day's music fade into yesterday's verse.

Generally speaking I enjoy my quiet times.

There are those times, that even for someone like me, the quiet can be awkward though. Prolonged lack of communication is one of those things with which I don't deal well. If I think that a situation is tense and the silence drags on too long, the melancholy can become a whirlpool from which I find escape to be most difficult.

When tension stretches out what is a person to do? When attempts to communicate go unanswered or unfulfilled, how should one proceed? Is silence then one's true companion when times are uncertain?

Sometimes I think it is.

Have you ever had those times when you genuinely try to talk about how you're feeling concerning things and it just doesn't seem to be heard by the other person? I see myself as such a failed communicator when I reach out but there is no hand given to take. Its like when you see in the movies where someone refuses a handshake; and it feels just that awkward.

I've never yet figured out how to overcome that particular type of emotional encounter. I may never. But then again, I'm not one to quit trying easily.

Maybe somebody out there reading this has an opinion on this whole ramble. If so, shoot me an email and lay some advice on me.

See me later.

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