Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick funny from our evening ...

It is rare anymore that we watch TV shows. Chuck however is one exception, meaning we always DVR it and watch it later if we happen to miss it "live". It's a great show.

And whether it be a DVD movie or our favorite TV show, Chuck, it turns into quite the fiasco at times getting everybody "ready" to watch. At some point someone invariably has to get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink, one more snack ... you name it. The entertainment is paused and the stress clock starts ticking for someone. This is where I come in :)

Tonight we were watching Chuck and had to pause it briefly for Heather and I to get up, heading to the kitchen to put down cups/get refills or some other such thing. Josh was left in the living room with a very funny show paused and he hates hates hates to wait ... so I took that opportunity to impart some patience to my number one son as only us Dads can.

Me: I'll be right there, just getting some tea ...
Josh: (nearly audible eyeroll from the living room)
Me: Just really quick I'm gonna make this casserole, and I'll be right in there.
Josh: Reaches DEFCON 3 stress levels.
Me: Let me just check on the dog, she's outside.
Josh: (blood pressure can now be heard in other rooms)
Me: Coming! Just gonna level my WoW character to 76.
Josh: (no words spoken yet but he's glancing around for something to throw)
Me: (Sensing his emotional armor has reached the proper heating point, I apply the needed tempering with some cooling humor). Alright, I'm coming. If you freak out on me and start throwing things, I'll shave off my butt hair, fashion it into a fake moustache and make you wear it!
Josh: (falls over laughing on the couch, making his own jokes about how gross that is).

But he was smiling and that was the whole intent of the exercise :)

Stressing kids out.
Butt humor.
It's a great combination.

And I love my job.


Jennifer said...

that is just so very mean.... meanie

Rob said...

Oh I'm not so mean, perhaps ornery but not really mean :P