Monday, May 25, 2009

Grilled Breakfast Wraps

The other day I threw together a little something for breakfast that turned out quite well. The backstory to this is super-duper short so I'll share it with you. Basically I was scrambling eggs for breakfast and suddenly it occured to me to turn them into grilled breakfast wraps. Here's what I did.

Mission Whole Wheat Tortillas
Scrambled Eggs
American Cheese
Shredded Cheddar Cheese

I took part of the eggs I'd mixed up and did an egg wash on each tortilla. Then I added the stuffing, which in my case was American Cheese, sausage, and eggs. I wrapped the tortilla up tight, the egg wash makes a nice "glue" holding it shut very neatly.

Then I tossed them on the griddle, watching for the cheese inside to melt. Flipped em once and grilled the other side till they looked done to my very hungry eyes.

Then once off the griddle, they got a dash of shredded cheese and the remaining scramble/sausage left over from my mix was added as a side.

Clearly there is much more you can do with this. I'm not a fancy cook and I know this wasn't ground-breaking but it sure was good. The egg wash was what I really wanted to recommend. It really holds things together and then gives a bit of extra flavor to the tortillas while making them crisp up nicely too.

You could totally make these veggie-wraps with some light cheese, maybe mozzarella, and still get by pretty healthy. That's one of my next ones to try.


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Shaddy said...

I could eat one of those very easily, right now. It's 11:26 AM and I've not devoured a bite of anything yet. That's not like me; holidays kind of throw me off my normal way of doing things, and thus who knows when I'll take the time to eat.

I suspect you may be floundering some as well today, you know, that security thing we thrive on. Oh well, we'll get through it! :)

Thanks for sharing the recipe and enjoy the day.