Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Riddle: What Am I?

Here is a little riddle for you - a quick funny even.
  • This thing is mine.
  • This thing of mine is long.
  • This thing of mine is above average in width.
  • Sometimes it gets wet but normally it is dry.
  • It can get hot to the touch - so much that I can feel it through my clothes.
  • It can be hard or soft and malleable.
  • I use it nearly everyday.
  • Sometimes though I take a day off cause I get worn out if I use it too much.
  • Other people have seen it but my wife is the only one that sees it with me now.
Clearly I'm talking about my commute to work each day. It's made up of 45 miles of hot, summer asphalt road.

What did you think I was talking about?



Shaddy said...

You aren't shy about such things, are you Rob.

Jennifer said...

I hope you plan to mark this blog adult, pervert!!!

Okay so you totally had me there.

Rob said...

Mark it as adult? Never! Mwaahahaha!

Krawl said...

I thought it was obvious what it wasn't once you said "long" and "above average"

Rob said...

Krawl - when you make these comments, I realize it's just the jealousy talking.