Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby update: 8 weeks to go

Heather has given me permission to blog in full disclosure about our experiences through the rest of this pregnancy. I’m pretty excited!

I mean who can't turn down built in blog-content right? :)

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I honestly got this idea from another dad-blog that I follow called Pacing the Panic Room. It’s a great read and the guy who writes over there is really funny. And I suppose that’s part of what blogging is all about. The writing done sometimes inspired others to get more creative.

Well here I are. Being creative. And don’t worry fearless readers. I will put my own brand of warped-lens-outlook on this baby stuff as I do all other most other things.

Currently as I sit here in my recliner, wondering why a certain friend of mine is ignoring me on chat – had to give you crap Jenn – I’m listening to my son sitting in the dining room, playing his games and practicing his belching.

Yeah it’s a good to be a guy.

And it’s good to be a Dad again.

And it’s good to be helping with another pregnancy though I don’t feel as involved in this one – which is my fault – as I think I should be. Blogging about it here will not only get me thinking about everything but it will be a good record of how things went when we look back on this. I even have permissions to take belly pictures! Whoo hoo!

This week marks Heather’s 32nd week, so 8 weeks to go, more or less. Things are good.

Early on in the pregnancy Heather was really very sick for a good long while. The morning sickness was killer. But that is a distant memory it seems – though I’m sure she doesn’t feel that way about it.

Heather is doing really well other than the general tiredness that goes with having your body stretched out of shape in preparation for another human being to be pulled from one’s nether regions. She’s currently sitting here on the couch eating an ice-cream – when I read her that last part – she laughed. She has the cutest laugh and I love her so much!

Everybody say “awwww”, right?

So next Wednesday Heather starts on her weekly visits to the doc. Well the visits could be 10 days apart but who’s counting right? Anyway as it gets closer to “the time” the doc just wants to watch things closer since this pregnancy is a single-artery umbilical-cord set up instead of the “normal” two artery kind. It’s not a huge deal; folks have healthy kids in this kind of situation all the time. The only bummer about it is that it kind of knocked us out of being able to do a home-birth as we'd planned.

But we’re not concerned about the single artery thing.

And I can say that in all honesty because I’ve met our doc. Dr Lindsey. She’s very cool and won me over on the first (and only) visit I’ve gotten to attend. Doc L is laid back but I can tell she takes this all very very seriously. She put me immediately at ease and that’s no small order with this nerd.

So Isabella is percolating nicely. She’s kicking and moving lots, though she has somehow still avoided me being able to feel it.

Things are well. And we are making lists, checking them twice – all that jazz. The "what we need lists" are beginning to tug at our minds, prompting us to some serious planning. Also, we have painting and stuff to do in the nursery still. Plus, I get to make the cradle in my woodshop. That will be my first major project to design. There is much to do.

So there will be pics of all this thrown up on the blog under a new label.


We’re waiting on you sweetheart. Get your restin done in there kiddo cause there is a whole life full of experiences we want to share with you.

P.S - Sorry about the jump-aroundy-ness of this post. I'll get more organized for the next one I promise and we'll have belly pics too!


Shaddy said...

I love the sentence "Isabelle is percolating nicely."

Honestly I enjoyed all of your sentences but that one tickled me the most.

My brothers taught me well on how to let out huge belches. It's not proper for a lady but it's an attention getter during more laid back moments. Make sure your son teaches Isabelle well.

Jennifer said...

Heather is quite some woman to let you blog all of this. But please no cameras in the birthing room!!!

It is so hard to believe its only 8 more weeks to go. It feels like yesterday when you guys were telling us you were expecting.

Heather said...

I'm sure Isabella will learn a lot of things good and not so good from big brother ;-) But we'll love em both anyway

Rob said...

Jenn, time certainly has "flewed" quite fast for sure. I'm looking forward to swapping some baby stories with ya!