Monday, July 6, 2009

Some quick writing ...

Repeat Performance

The antics of the clown, bring the crowd joy
create feelings to entertain and forget their hurts.

The storm of intentional mistakes made for all
rains happy moments on the worried souls.

Each stumble of the clown, creates a giggle
jars away all else save the spectacle of silliness.

Slices of dignity are peeled away, offered for approval
traded to see others guffawing, wiping away laughing tears.

For hours the music of humor plays on, for an orchestra of applause
hitting each practiced note for seats full of critical composers.

Finally the waiting night, descends when the lights go down
rushing in to make up for the time lost while humor held sway.

Throngs of people, rush to leave, flee back to their havens
abadon the clown they loved only moments ago.

The entertainer, swipes away the makeup with each practiced movement,
removes the folly and reveals the would-be friend.

The colorless face, sits alone at the mirror and stares
seeing now, only another visage from the crowd.

The laughter is gone, like the lights,
shut down until someone else needs it.

The humor, is packed away like floppy shoes
unable to be worn until someone else needs a laugh.

The sight gags, are stored away, neatly stacked
not to be taken down until another's applause calls for them.

The dreams of sharing a true laugh, of being understood, are locked away
inside the lonely heart of a misfit.

The clown's tired face, rests on supporting hands
looks for answers in an empty, silent, endless mirror.


Heather said...

Wow, hon! That was awesome. Very well written and touching as well.

Jennifer said...

I really liked that. I just wrote a whole post on my homeschool blog about how important poetry is because it condenses language down and can evoke such feeling. You did that!

Rob said...

Thanks dear for always supporting me in my writing!

Rob said...

Jenn - glad ya liked it. I'd been wondering what you thought about it and when I read your comment, I was like "whew" - it passed muster, lol