Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cooking: Have a Chile Burger

Burgers are my very favorite meal. What can I say, I’m easy alright?

I watch the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives now and then. Its basically a show where this guy (named Guy) travels around the country, finding THE very coolest and bestest places to eat. They are usually the classic ‘mom and pop shops’. That’s the part I dig about it. The food ain’t fancy but rather the kind that keeps folks coming to the same diner for 25 years.

I love that kind of tradition.

A few shows ago, they did a special on burgers. I refrained from drooling too much long enough to jot down this basic recipe for this particular kind of burger. I say "basic recipe" because clearly they didn’t give away all of their secrets so this is my interpretation of it. It’s currently my favorite way for a burger to be done right now. If you like spicy food, and if you like burgers, try this, you’ll like it.

Grilled Burgers with Chiles

1lb of ground beef
Chopped green chile peppers
American cheese
Garlic powder

Prep and Cook
I like to mix the spices in with the ground beef. That way you get flavor through and through. Salt, pepper and a bit of garlic powder – all to taste - is really all this needs.

Make out the patties and grill them. While the patties are grilling, grill the bacon too, top shelf if you have one - otherwise just watch it closely. After the first flip of the burgers, add the buns to the grill (also on the top shelf). Let them grill while the 2nd side of the burger cooks.

At this point, also add about 1sp of chiles to each burger, spreading the chiles out until the cover well. Let the burgers finish cooking. As soon as they are done remove them from the grill and immediately add cheese over the chiles so it can melt.

The Stack
Everybody who is a true fan of burgers is particular about how they are stacked. This is the order in which I do it from top bun to bottom:
  • Top bun
  • Bacon
  • American Cheese
  • Chiles
  • Yummy burger patty
  • 2-3 pickles
  • Mustard, spread thinly (to hold the pickles in place)
  • Bottom bun
The picture above is how a couple of these beauties turned out. I regularly write down burger recipes as I come across them. I'll be sharing more of them here throughout the summer.


Shaddy said...

Do I really have to make out with the patties? I always thought messing with raw meat could make you sick.

Oh well, if you say so I'll do it, cuz you're the man who knows about burgers. Yes, you are the man.

Party on, Rob.

Jennifer said...

Wow, that sounds spicy... how spicy was it? I like spicy, but then my tongue complains? Is it a scorcher?

Rob said...

Jenn - it's not too bad as far as spicy goes. I really like spicy food too and this has just a nice amount of heat to it.

Not a scorcher at all - not Jrirachi sauce hot :) This just makes you notice it's there but doesn't make you suck down the tea.