Friday, July 3, 2009

What are "you" looking at .. OR ..The Lounging Linguist

My son comes up with great words now and again.

He’s really coming into his own with the sarcasm.

I couldn’t be prouder.

Much like me, he’s shy around new people but man once he gets comfortable, watch out. I can totally relate. He has this raw talent to be a real smart-alec.

Ever see those trick shooters? The ones that can shoot a playing card and split it in half? Or they can light a match, firing a bullet from their gun?

His talent with sarcasm is just like that, only he’s using a shotgun to light the match. Oh he hits the target all right. But um, precision and control will take some practice.

But I for one am so excited that things are turning out this way. Though raw in form right now, this opens up a whole new channel of “guy communication” that over the coming years will allow us to develop a closeness that may not have otherwise been possible.

It’s a big deal.

I’m a huge fan of this type of getting along too. If I can’t joke around with someone well then I usually don’t have much time for them in my life and I tend to drift away from them. He seems to be that way as well.

His sarcasm, as I alluded to when this post began, really allows him to come off with some zingers. Today was no exception and worth writing down.

My wife is very pregnant right now. She and I were swimming/lounging in the pool today, talking about life in general and the impending birth of Thing Two. Josh walks out on our little dock and is talking to us. Heather my wife, slipped off her raft and begins to swim a bit.

She struggled at first to get her balance cause hey, she’s preggers. There are a lot of adjustments to be made, with nearly every movement she makes during the day. I can’t begin to imagine. But she righted the ship … ahem … and was swimming nicely.

Josh, ever the diplomat, says “Wow, I didn’t think you’d be able to swim that well. Looks like being pregnant has made you more FLOATACIOUS”.

I immediately lost it and snorted pool water, laughing as a new word at Castle Horton was born. And yes we were all laughing about it, not just me :)

P.S. – I asked Josh for a pic today to post with this. He immediately broke into a polite smile, ready to be immortalized on Dad’s blog. Instead of taking the polite pic, I asked him for the teenager look of "what are you doing bothering me again you big dork”.

I love this kid!


Jennifer said...

Too funny! I should probably get used to that look... it is fast approaching all too soon.

Rob said...

Too soon is right on. It still seems like only a few weeks ago he had training wheels on his bike but now he's talking about driving. And HAS driven my truck in the driveway. Driving will actually BE here soon. Yeesh.