Monday, July 27, 2009

!Feliz Verano!

Today, I have felt the first draw of the holiday season. The scales of the year have now tipped in Winter’s favor. Summer though still strong, knows it’s time is short. It remembers the cooling breath of Fall which is the inhale of Winter that, as it passes over the vibrant grass reminds Nature that it is time to soon sleep. That single drawn breath represents Nature’s one chance to order its house before the shivering, long exhale that is Winter’s bite.

Today, perhaps Winter turned in its slumber, snorting and stretching letting the other seasons know that though distant, colder weather and the holidays brought with them should not be forgotten.

As that distant rumble happened today, I felt as though I'd heard the faint echoes of its groan.

I also groaned.

My woodshop is in disrepair.

It currently represents a project in and of itself which must be done before other projects begin. This Santa’s little helper has a cradle to make for our new arrival, gifts to make for distant friends, and perhaps even some furniture to make for the home here. The latter will have to depend on how far we can stretch our budget; however we are in need of some storage/organizational items around the house.

The list for us parents is never done.

The list for parents that are handy, or crafty if you prefer, is usually far longer.

If one catches themselves thinking of completing said list, well it is to laugh. Projects, when you have a skill that is “not the norm” like woodworking – are never ever done. But that is no bad thing and not to be taken as complaining. Far from it. It is a blessing to give and even, to be needed.

When one is crafty or the creative sort, one is always thinking of something new to build, listening to your friends talk so you can secretly add a project to your list of things to give them someday. Some gifts never happen, or lag behind, but it’s not for lack of there being room for desire to create them ... rather life doesn’t always allow intent to become reality.

Therein lays the only regret of being someone who likes to give. There is never enough time to empty one’s heart of its filling of feelings.

And so, in closing, the season of giving has begun. For my part, let the thrum of the table saw be heard, let the whisper of a finely tuned plane making shavings be a salve to my busy, itchy mind.

Slow quiet reflection and a piece of my soul go into each thing I make.

That is the secret ingredient to every project we crafty-types create and the reason things given bring a smile to a loved-one’s face when they see them.

Happy holidays (a little early).

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Heather said...

How fortunate our family is to have a craftsy man like you in the house. One who is always looking for ways to give and be thoughtful, even in the littlest of ways; generous with the big things and ideas as well, and loved immensely for it.

So here's to my over-sized elf ;)

May your time be stretched to accommodate your needs, your patience thickened to withstand the many interruptions or delays, and your heart be full to overflowing with the peace and love that comes back to you from all your giving.