Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Burgertime ... Can't Touch This!

Apologies to M.C. Hammer for my post title. And now on with the show.

Last weekend, Storm (our dog) and I were alone here at the house.

It was a good time, filled with too much TV, too much eating, video games with friends and playing ball outside. Every time that the family is away it’s generally on a family night – aka Friday – so I get Storm a special treat to enjoy while I take in a movie on DVD.

On more rare occasions, I will take Storm out for a cheeseburger sometime while the family is away. No she’s not spoiled at all and if she is it my wife’s fault, not mine … ahem.

So last weekend we jumped in the van to head to McDonald’s – land-of-all-things-you-shouldn’t-eat-but-you-want-to-so-badly.

The drive-thru line was packed.

That was odd for the middle of a Saturday afternoon. Particularly here in the small town in which I live. Oddly enough for a town of 5000, we have one of those double-lane drive thrus. Apparently the folks here really, really like their Micky Ds.

So Storm, during the drive-thru experience was ogled by passersby cause hey she’s a pretty dog. People like to throw some love her way. She barked at a few .. one of those barks that says, “Hey I’m not serious here, just letting you know I’m around and that the distance you’ve got between you and my van, it’s like McDonald’s ... I’m lovin it.

Eveybody knows that particular German Shepherd bark right?

Now that bark, for the uneducated, generally makes folks begin gathering their undergarments between their hindquarters at a geometric pace but to those of us who know the breed, we’re all just like “Oh you silly thing keep a lid on it”.

So we order our food and pull up to the window. I was driving – just so we’re clear.

There is a cute young lady there to take our money in exchange for food. Now I’ve been talking to Storm the whole time through our wait in line. I talk to her a lot. We have great one-sided conversations. Actually she does kinda talk back sometimes – GSDs have very expressive faces. One of my favorites is when they cock their head to one side while giving you that laughing look they have. It’s so, so great.

While we are waiting on our food Storm is watching this girl. The girl says something to me though I can’t remember what now. Storm gives her the same ‘woof’ that she gave the person that had walked by the van earlier.

The girl lied and said, “Aw, how cuuuuuute!” while managing a strangled smile. I just smiled back while putting a hand on Storm's chest to calm her and said thanks.

The girl left to get the rest of our order. I turned to Storm and said, “Well nice job with that. Now she’s NEVER gonna run away with me. Sheesh”.

Storm just cocked her head and smiled at me.



Shaddy said...

Another fun story from Rob. Thanks for making me smile on this ordinary Thursday morning.

Jennifer said...

Clearly, Heather has trained the dog well. :P

Rob said...

Jenn do you wake up this pithy everyday? :) But yeah you're right .. and so was Storm, lol