Monday, August 10, 2009

Custom Geek Baby ... OR .. Early Parenting, How to Geek Out Your Kid Right Outta "The Gate"

The other day I was browsing through geek t-shirts, a favorite pastime of mine (Mr. Excitement, that's me). While hitting up some of the only sites I knew my favorite ones, I saw that many of them had baby clothes too. With the advent of Thing Two creating a horizon out of Mamma Horton's belly, I knew I just had to get something for the baby that was uniquely "from Dad". Needless to say I was all geeked out and excited.

I began my browsing. Some were good. Some were not. None of them struck me as "you have to have them" funny. I began to lose hope.

Then like the Grinch, when he realized what he must do in order to save Whooville's Christmas .. okay poor example but it's all I had to represent "inspiration" at this point ... an idea occured to me.

I designed my own phrase instead.
Then by crackey I found me a site to package it and slap it on a onesie for me.

Below is the product of my labor which is nothing compared to the impending labor ahead. I also wish the "other" labor was only gonna cost $15 but a guy can't have his onesie and cheap birthing costs too.


And look closely for the geeky irony.


On a final note ... why can't we wear clothes like this as adults? I ask you. Seriously.

How freaking convenient is this design? I mean c'mon. You could dress it up by attaching simple legs, perhaps something business casual, right? Slap a clip-on tie for a job interview or wedding here and there. And if you're feeling saucy perhaps throw on a kicky beret for those evenings out at Applebee's with the family.

[toddles off to find the patent office]


Heather said...

lol - I dearly love it. She will definitely wear it and have pics taken in it as well. That will positively be one for the baby book.
"Design by Dad" :D

Jennifer said...

we so can wear them! They make them in adult sizes, you just don't get the convenient snap crotch.

Too Cute, I love it!

Rob said...

Thanks Jenn, glad ya like it!

Shaddy said...

You did it! Leave it to you. If you can't find what you're looking for, you go out and create one of your own.

I give you an *A* for your creativity and your "I'd rather do it myself" attitude.

Rob X Heather = Isabella

(I hope I remembered your 'soon to be born' baby girl's name correctly.

Rob said...

Shaddy - yeppers you got it!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I am loving your blog. Don't know how I found it, but loved it the minute I started reading it! You write beautifully, and are so witty!

Rob said...

Wow, thanks for the kind comment anonymous and thanks for stopping by! Hope you continue enjoying the blog :)