Monday, August 17, 2009

The Visitation .. OR .. Friends for a Snack

A rare thing happened here at Castle Horton over the weekend. We got to receive some company at our home. Lord and Lady Herm and their young Prince came out for a visit. And they came bearing gifts for our soon to be born Bella. It was good to see all of them. Mr. Herm and Company didn't get to stay very long but we had a great time visiting and just hanging out in the yard.

Also Fred was willing to work with Storm a bit with me and I very much appreciated that. She isn't the best in the world with visitors, taking awhile to warm up to folks, since we live out in the boonies. So every time we get a chance we try and talk people into becoming human sacrifices, ahem, help us socialize our dog. I suppose some folks wouldn't get this or have much patience with it. But Fred came outside with me to offer himself up as a snack meet the puppy.

Things went really well.

Fred may not have thought so when Storm barked at him for awhile. But if only he could have seen how she used to be with folks. Saturday was a huge improvement. Fred and family joined us all in the shepherd containment facility front yard, and we got to watch Fred's son run around while Storm trotted alongside him. Storm saw them all as buddies before the Herms had to leave.

So it was a good visit for sure!

Thanks for coming out Mr Fred. It was good to see you and the fam! Thanks for having patience with us and our dog and thanks again for the cool stuff for Bella! You guys are always welcomed out this way!


Heather said...

Yes :) Thank you SO much! The outfits were adorable, and you have no idea how much it meant for you to help with Storm. Bless ya.

Shaddy said...

I'm relieved that you edited your post as I'd surely be severely damaged and frightened to visit here again if you had left the words on the white space.

Seriously, if I weren't twisted too, I'd have taken you off my blog list long ago.

I'm happy that you had fun with your guests and that all of your family benefited from their visit.

I can't wait to read about Bella's grand entrance, that is, when she decides to drop in, or should that be, drop out.

Tell Heather she's in my thoughts and prayers. Oh, and tell yourself that you're there too.

Rob said...

I'm dense today Shaddy. You lost me on the first part but I'm glad you're sticking around. I try to keep things decent here on HH. Tell me if they ever get otherwise please :)