Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three Photos Thursday: The 40th Birthday and Shhhtuff

My family made me a tie-dyed shirt for ye old Birthday.  It is awesome!

Of course the awesomeness of my favorite gamer always outshines a birthday :)

We simply MUST teach this little one to stop eating puppies .. she's a vicious little thing I tell you!

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Shaddy said...

Have you forgotten you must feed the child? You'd eat puppies to if no one brought you some food now and then.

Just teasing. Your comment about Bella eating puppies and being vicious cracked me up.

I can barely remember being 40. Good grief, you're just a puppy yourself.

Happy, happy birthday, my friend.

P.S. Both photos of your offspring are awesome or should I say your offspring are awesome and the photos captured that fact. Either way, I can see why you're in love with them.